Adobe CC Package

Adobe CC Package

Understanding the concept of Creative Cloud- It is the combination of more than 20 applications such as designing, video shooting, photo editing, social media and more. Adobe CC provides tools for laptop, PC as well as your own mobile phone. With photo editing apps, it magnifies and makes your images look perfect. Not only graphic designing, but also logos and icons making can be possible with the help of Adobe CC. Are you worried whether documents on paper such as posters, magazines, advertisement flyers, etc. can be created with the Adobe tools? Nothing to worry about. Adobe CC brings you applications for everything so that you won’t showcasing your true creativity to the world. Now, you can make exciting videos which will be as good as any film that you watch in movie theatre, even though it contains animation in it. 

Adobe cc brings you an outstanding package where you can boost up your career opportunities by many folds. Following are some of its salient features:

  • Every new product launched or any updates will be notified you by e-mail if you choose to opt for the option while buying
  • To enjoy file sharing and sync without any interruption, cloud storage of 75 GB is also included in the plan
  • It does not have any operating system requirement. It can run on Windows as well as on Mac OS.
  • To create web pages, capture video to put it as story and all this happens very quick with the Spark feature
  • To make incredible portfolios, choosing any Creative cloud plan will get you free Adobe Portfolio feature

Terms and conditions for Subscription and cancellation:

Service period will start the moment you make your first payment. Charges are on yearly basis which will be mentioned during the purchase of service. Taxes will also be applicable. You do not need to worry about renewal of your contract. It will be automatically renewed after the end of your first service period. Changes are notified by e-mails. You will get 2 weeks of period to decide whether you want to keep the plan active or cancel. In these 2 weeks span, there is no cancellation charge. Adobe cc package containing creative cloud, illustrator and CC logo are registered under the state authority with their own trademarks. 

How to create customized package?

Follow the steps given below to create Adobe cc package in your own way:

  1. Click on Adobe cc packager 
  • For Windows, tap on Start, go to My programs, then Adobe and in that Creative Cloud Packager
  • For Mac OS, Apps>Adobe> CC Packager
  1. Choosing the preferred account type: The account type comes with your Adobe cc membership and can possibly imply to any of the given type:  
  • If you are an Administrator at any school or college, then selecting prime customer plan is the best decision
  • If you are an Administrator at Government authorized business group for education as well as for license agreement facility
  1. First step with logging in to your account
  • Being a member of Creative cloud team, you get an unique ID which is named as administrator ID. If you belong to the second account type as mentioned above i.e., for business group, a standard Adobe ID is provided.

Note: If you have subscribed for both of the account types, then you don’t have to enter login details every time, as Adobe CC packager stores your ID even if you close the window by mistake just for your convenience. If you want to log in to different account type, then just sign out of your previous account type and sign in again to the desired one.

  1. Thereafter, CC packager window will pop up on screen mentioning different options such as to create a package, to create license package and to create uninstall package.
  2. If you desire to change the location to store cache, for disabling the auto-payment update or visit Help page if you have any doubt regarding the subscription, then all of this can be found on right corner of your screen where your username is mentioned as per the data you have provided.

Selecting various options among the list appeared 

  • Browse location to download your cache
  • Removing or clearing the cache

By clicking on Save, changes made by you will be saved. On the contrary, by clicking on Cancel, changes will not be saved.

Disabling auto-update of Adobe cc package through the preferences options appeared in drop-down list:

  • If you want to keep your creative cloud updated to current version, then always keep the option enable and then it is upgraded to the current version.
  1. Enter the package details on the following screen popping after clicking on package details button.

It requires following information to be entered.

Name of the Package, Save your data to, select organization, type of processor (32-bit or 64-bit), license type, named license, it’s serial number, device license, etc.

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